BASc (Human Biology and Chinese Medicine)

Giles can restore your health by pragmatically using powerful methods of natural healing. He learned these in his University training and clinical internship in a Chinese hospital; and refined them in clinical practice with the guidance of experienced mentors.

His path from contact sports to the less forceful disciplines of 
aikijujutsu and taijiquan has made him a dedicated and empathetic 
practitioner with a personal knowledge of the causes and treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions, especially those endured by active people. 

An awareness of the prevalence of digestive problems has made him devote himself to finding the best Chinese Medicine treatments for them and he has successfully applied these methods in clinic. Many years working with a renowned Chinese Herbal Gynaecologist have given him the skills and knowledge to care for women's health; and he enjoys the help that Chinese therapies for respiratory conditions offers.


228 High Street
Fremantle, WA 6160



Mondays 9am - 5pm

Tel: (08) 9336 6880​

SMS: 0408 008 480

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